Richard Graham, Ph.D., is a musician, technologist, educator, and entrepreneur. His academic and practical pursuits encompass computer-assisted music composition and instrumental performance.

Graham pioneered a live performance system for multichannel guitar at STEIM while completing his Ph.D. at Ulster University. He later served as an Assistant Professor of Music and Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. His scholarly articles on performance systems design and electroacoustic theory have appeared in prestigious journals and conference proceedings including NIME, EMS, ISSTA, and publications by MIT Press.

His musical portfolio includes the album “Nascent,” with compositions featured at national and international festivals like NYCEMF, ICMC, and SEAMUS. In 2017, as an artist-in-residence at EMS, he produced “Disrupt/Construct” in collaboration with Hellmut Neidhardt, released by Denovali Records. His recent self-published album “Land Of Youth” contains tracks penned during the pandemic.

Graham’s academic research has been showcased at Bauhaus-Universität, Nokia Bell Labs, and MIT, covering topics including spatial audio in augmented reality, and live performance systems design, to sonification. He has presented at conferences like TIES, AES AVAR, and KEAMSAC, and lectured at institutions including SARC at Queen’s University and MMT at Trinity College.

In 2017, he co-founded Delta Sound Labs, an audio technology venture that has developed and marketed innovative products globally. The company has appeared at major industry events such as Musikmesse, Superbooth, Ableton’s Loop Festival, Moogfest, CES, and NAMM.

Currently based in Washington, D.C., Graham works under the alias, “Signals Under Tests,” and collaborates with Edwin Park on developing music production software.