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b. 1985

Disrupt/Construct (2019) Studio Album 


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Querschalltapes (2013) Endless cassette: 60 second loop

Limited, hand-numbered edition 49 pieces.
Engraved metal packaging.
Price: 35 €
€ 4.10 postage (domestic),
€ 8.90 (EU)
€ 15.90 (Worldwide)


Aidan Baker – Origins & Evolutions (2012)

Scored / prepared guitar materials were contributed to this record by a slew of guitar players for this release on Install (NYC) in 2012.


Nascent (2012) Studio Album

"Nascent" was released in 2012, featuring a series of ambient works collected throughout 2010 and 2011. The disc features collaborative efforts from Michael Andrews and Laura Graham. Philip Byrne mastered this disc whilst wearing a tin foil hat (his words, not mine). The disc artwork is by Tennessee based Artist, Jon Kenney. Music from "Nascent" has featured on MTV and in independent films. 


Mecca (2010) Studio Album

"Mecca," was released in late 2010, featuring Artists from all over the world, including the US, Japan, Germany, and Finland, and has featured in Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar International Magazine and on regional and national TV (Ch. 5) and radio (BBC Radio 1).